Tractor Post Hole Diggers

If you own a tractor, digging post holes for fencing in a pasture or for security purposes can easily be accomplished with a PTO driven Post Hole Digger attachment just like the one shown above. There are many digger models that vary by the power of the gearbox, to the size of the augers that are available.

Compact and Sub-Compact Tractor Models

post hole diggers If you are looking for a Post Hole Auger to fit a compact or sub-compact tractor, we highly recommend the Compact Post Hole Digger. This model is made specifically for these types of tractors.

Engineered to not only to be more narrow for easy hook-up, they are also made specifically to be able to lift the auger a lot higher up as these tractors normally sit a lot closer to the ground. This makes it possible to clear your holes out and ensures that your auger bit will not be dragging the ground.

Important Tip:

Remember to get the right size auger bit for your intended use, or order several different size augers to have them handy when you need them. Augers usually come in 4", 6", 9"and 12" Auger Bit Sizes

Full Size Tractor Post Hole Digger Models

post hole digger There are several choices when you are in the market for a tractor auger for Full Sized Tractors. Several factors should be taken into account: type of holes you will be digging, the PTO horsepower of the host tractor, and the soil conditions.

We have found that the L7300 is very compatible with these larger tractors, but for tough conditions or commercial applications, you may want to choose the 8000 or 9000 models.

These Diggers are designed with a VERY Heavy Duty gear box and extention pole, and are made to use with 9", 12", or 18"x9" auger bits. The 18"x9" bits allow you to extend the use of these post hole diggers to include planting shrubs and small trees.